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Nathan Ergang
Digital Nomad From Canada

About: Green Marketing

Green Marketing is a Digital Media Agency based out of Vancouver Canada. We help our clients grow their business with eco-friendly marketing strategies like web design, online marketing graphics and animated web videos. We like to work with companies that are helping to making the world a better place.


Animated Web Videos

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Imagine having a 24/hr salesperson, a star employee who never gets tired or needs to take a break. How would this affect your business?

An explainer video is an online marketing tool used to explain your company’s product or service. Companies must invest in videos simply because they don’t have time to engage every visitor on their website. People are more likely to click play on an animated explainer video than read your website copy. When they’re engaged they stay longer, giving your message time to sink in. This means they’re more likely to buy, sign-up and share it with their friends.

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Graphic Design

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Scale Your Business With Professional Graphic Design Services

We believe in designing with a purpose. Design is about much more than just making something look pretty. It’s about finding the best way to communicate your message visually.

Graphic design is a reflection of your brand and a great brand creates trust with potential customers before they buy. If there is no trust there is no sale, its as simple as that.

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Wordpress Web Design

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Custom Divi website designed for your band. Price depends on the number of pages and functionality. 

Service includes: 

  • Automatic backups to keep your website safe.

  • All leads saved into a google doc for fast follow up. 

  • Advanced spam filtering. 

  • Basic seo optimization like meta tags. 

  • Images optimized for speed with Google's new lightning fast WebP format.

  • Graphic design to grab your visitor's attention.

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